Azure For Education

Empowering Education customers across the United States and Canada to interact, share, and learn Azure together.

Azure Hour Weekly Call – Fridays

Join us for our weekly community call at 2-3PM Eastern, 11AM-Noon Pacific each Friday. The purpose of the call is to help you easily maintain current knowledge of Azure updates, learning opportunities, and a focused topic each week that is chosen by the Azure Hour team based on popular topics and customer requests. 

Join The Azure Hour Customer Team

The Azure Hour team is a Microsoft Teams Team where we maintain a number of different materials and artifacts.  Most importantly, it is an offline gathering of the same individuals who attend our Friday calls and provides a place where you can interact with the Microsoft coordinators and your EDU peers who are also part of the Team. Joining the team requires you to register. It may take a few days before you are registered as we manually go through each request to ensure only EDU customers are admitted.

Azure Focus Hours

Azure Focus Hours is a spin-off of Azure Hour that gives us the opportunity to go deeper into a topic via a virtual workshop.  Sometimes the workshop is hands-on, and sometimes it is just follow-along.  In any case, we schedule these occasionally based on customer interest and on topics that are popular. These are always first announced during the Azure Hour calls, and can also be found in the upcoming sessions below.